The Fight to End All Fights

Published June 8, 2014 by daisiesloveandpeace

Our marriage had been rocky, but we were “making things work.”  By “making things work” I mean we were doing our best to ignore the things about the other person that annoyed the piss out of us.  For me, that meant ignoring the countless other women with whom he was sharing his mind, body, and soul.  For him, it was me “snooping” to find all of these things.

So on this day, he went to take a shower.  We were going to go to lunch or something.  I am waiting in the living room for him and his phone rings.  I glance over because I usually just answer for him, but it’s a number I don’t recognize and it isn’t saved in his phone.  So I open his laptop to see if maybe the number was saved there.  Boy, was I in for a surprise.  His work email was open…and look at that, there is an exchange between him and a client that had absolutely nothing to do with work.

From what I remember, she had sent him a selfie from Christmas Eve.  He responded by calling her sexy or something of the sort.  Blech. He never said anything positive about my looks anymore.  Needless to say, I was shaking with anger.  I walked straight into the bedroom to confront him.  Everything that happened at this point is kind of a blur.  I came right out and asked him about it.  He got so angry. Red hot angry.  It was my fault because I was always breaking his trust by looking through his things.  It was just a harmless email.  He told me I needed to move out.  He wasn’t giving me anything.  This was all my fault.  So I asked him to leave while I packed my things and headed to a relative’s for some cool down time.  The last thing he did  before he left was throw his wedding ring at my head, narrowly missing and slamming into the wall behind me.

There was no recovering this time. I knew it had to be over.


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