Published June 13, 2014 by daisiesloveandpeace

Sam was one of the first people that messaged me on OKcupid.  I still had no idea how the hell to work the damn site.  I didn’t save his messages and I don’t remember a whole lot, but I know that all of his initial messages were just full of flattery.  At this point, my number one qualification was that the person have a degree. Sam met that requirement.  He was 23, gainfully employed, and kind of cute.  His profile was full of quotes from Beauty and the Beast.

He asked me if I wanted to meet up and somehow we decided on watching a horror movie and cuddling at my house.  This was in the beginning, before I really figured out that a first meeting at my house wasn’t the safest idea.

We went into this with clear intentions.  Meet up and if we like each other/feel comfortable have sex. If not, no big deal.  If we like the sex then maybe it could turn into a recurring thing.

So Sam shows up at my house and the first thing he says to me is that my pictures do me no justice.  So I pour us each a glass of white wine and we sit on the sofa and try to decide on a movie.  I know we had previously discussed a horror movie but for some reason I decide to subject him to one of my favorite movies, “13 Going on 30.” We didn’t make it five minutes before we were making out and things were getting heated, so I asked him if he would like to see the rest of the house.

We get to my bedroom and go for the bed.  He is by far one the most passionate kissers I’ve had the pleasure of kissing.  The details of that first encounter are a little hazy, but I remember being satisfied.  Very satisfied. We had sex and then we cuddled and talked.  We talked about life, my job, his job, what color I should paint my bedroom, the places he’s lived, etc.  It was nice.  That’s also when I learned that he was on a contracted job that ended in May(it was early February) and that he would likely be leaving town in May. We would have sex again, cuddle, talk. Wash, rinse, repeat.  It was a very nice night.

I texted him something silly the next day and got no response.  I was pretty upset and figured that meant he didn’t enjoy it and I wouldn’t be hearing back from him.

About two weeks later he sent me a text and told me that if I still wanted him, he would see me that night.  I was so excited.  It was however a school night and he works until 1 each morning.  I get up at five on school days.  So agreeing to this meant I was not getting any sleep.

I need to pause and explain some things here.  I have some…fetishes.  I like BDSM. Not in the tie me up and spank me Fifty Shades of Grey way. No, I like giving up complete control. I like to be completely submissive and do everything for the sole purpose of pleasing my partner. Sam knew these things.

Sam instructed me to leave the door unlocked and he would let himself in. I was told to be in bed, naked, with my vibrator inside of me.  Well of course I do as I’m told.  He came in and admired my body as he laid on top of me and kissed me. Oh those kisses again.  He then used the vibrator to make me have an orgasm and then he continued with it even after I was done.  Heaven. We then had sex and again cuddled after.  We caught up on each other’s lives since last meeting.

That night was wonderful, but exhausting. That would be the only time we ever did anything on a school/work night.

Every couple of weeks I would hear from Sam and he would come over for good sex, cuddles, and conversation.

Our whole relationship was a complete power play. I loved every second of it.  He was completely in control of when we would see each other and I loved it. He never had any problem going through my toy box and using whatever he saw fit.  Over time we used the vibrator, cuffs, paddle, and the blindfold.

Then one day I got brave and asked if he wanted to do anal.  That boy’s eyes lit up.  After that, we had a lot of anal.  It was the first time I was comfortable having anal with someone.  And not only was I comfortable with it, I actually enjoyed it.  I was just completely comfortable with my body around him.

I also “practiced” giving head with him. I made great progress on getting rid of my stupid gag reflex when I was with him.

I kept getting silly ideas about asking him to dinner or something not sex related, but I never did. I did really like him though.  He made me feel like a person and not a hole. He made me laugh.  He listened when I spoke.  He was the best cuddler.  He always made me feel better.  His was the best sex I ever had.

Then it happened. On the last day of school this year as I was going through the teacher check out process I was told by my principal that she had decided not to renew my contract.  I was devastated.  I just wanted to go home and be alone. I didn’t even think about calling anyone to come over, much less Sam.

I got home and went to sleep.  That evening, I had a message from Sam asking me how my day was going.  That was really strange because it was a Friday and he works Fridays. I told him about work.  He told me that he wanted to see me that night to tell me goodbye.  His contract had ended and he would be leaving within the next week.  Fuck. My. Life.

So Sam came over and we followed our normal routine.  We were on the bed and doing anal and I just wasn’t into it. So he turned me around and went to kiss me.  I quickly turned my head because felt it.  Tears. I was about to cry and that kiss was going to be the thing to push me over the edge into a full blown meltdown.  He goes for the kiss again. Again, I look away.  Then it happens.  I cried my eyes out. I was so embarrassed and I tried to stop it.  Clearly this guy who came over for sex doesn’t want to see me cry.

He stopped everything we were doing, made me get under the covers with him, cuddle, and he told me to let it all out.  So I did. I told him about work and other things that were going on in my life. I poured out my soul.  He cuddled me and talked to me about things.  We giggled and I feel like he was uneasy about this next stage of his life too. I asked him not to move. I told him to move into my spare bedroom and live with me(I know I sound crazy).  While he was holding me he said “I’m going to miss this.” While he probably meant easy sex, I’m going to assume he meant my company.

After talking for a while, we had sex and everyone was happy.  He snapped a picture of me to remember me by. It was cute and sweet.  He kissed me goodnight and we told each other good luck and goodbye.

I’m getting teary eyed writing this.

Today makes three weeks since that night.  I miss him. I looked him up on OKC and saw that he’s 240 miles away.

Sounds like a good road-trip to me.


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