The 3 nasty C’s

Published June 21, 2014 by daisiesloveandpeace

So I’ve had a lot of time on my hands these past few weeks.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time talking to and meeting men.  And I have confirmed what I previously thought:

I need to get the hell out of Louisiana.

I just don’t think there is any man here that is going to quite meet up to all of my expectations. What are the major problems? I’m in Louisiana and most of the men fall under the three C’s.

1. Conservative. This is kind of a vague one, because I am not just talking politically. Louisiana men tend to be good ol’ boys.  I feel like this state will never join the 21st century.

.2. Christian. There’s that question on OKcupid that asks:

“Should evolution and creationism be taught side-by-side in school?”

 Yes, students should hear both sides

No, creationism has no place in schools

No, evolution should have no place in schools


Do you know how many people have chosen that evolution has no place in schools?!? Seriously?  It’s science people! Do you know what isn’t science? Creationism. It has no place in schools. Separation of church and state, plain and simple.  But I guess I also live in the state where they want to make the Bible the state book.

3. Country. This state is full of back-wood rednecks.  Hunters and fisherman.  Men that had no want to even finish high school because they were just going to work in the oilfield or plants as soon as they were done anyways.  Very ignorant men.


With the help of reddit, I’ve met some quite wonderful men. They don’t live here though. So it’s time to move. I just don’t know where to go yet.


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