Dating D

Published July 17, 2014 by daisiesloveandpeace

So I have been on a bit of a writing hiatus. I met someone and I’ve been trying to see where it was going before updating the world.

So D messaged me one afternoon on OKCupid. I almost didn’t respond because he had a blank profile, but I took a chance because his initial message was more thought out than 95% of the garbage messages I get. I’m glad I responded.

He’s 32(that’s seven years older than me for those counting) and he seems to have his life together.

So we texted intensely for a whole week before meeting. That’s a lot longer than usual for me, I have a tendency of jumping into things. He said he wanted to take things slow, I’m probably the wrong girl for that, but I agreed.

Our first date was a Sunday night at a bar. We met at 6 and each had one drink. We talked until they closed at midnight. I felt an immediate emotional connection. And did I mention that he’s gorgeous? Like, someone I would have never approached for fear of being out of my league. He has blue eyes that I could lose myself in. And he’s an artist. That never particularly appealed to me, but he makes it so sexy. So end of the first date, he walks me to my car and hugs me goodnight. It was a nice, tight hug.  And he kissed me. It was miniature make-out session. Some girls leaving the bar even cat called us. I’m always very hesitant about that type of PDA, but did I mention getting lost in his eyes? I thought I even might have felt a banana in his pocket. A rather large banana at that.

So we texted each other when we got home. It was so wonderful. The next day I had to come up with an excuse to see him again(did I mention how impatient I am?). So I told him I was cooking dinner and he should come over and that after maybe I could introduce him to Doctor Who or something. This was also going to be a test because I wanted to see how he interacted with my two pups. As I’ve explained before, they can be a handful and some guys just can’t handle that. So he came over and I had him meet the pups one at a time. He did wonderfully well. He was patient and got down on the floor and petted them.  It was game over for me. There went my ovaries into overdrive. I could only imagine how well he handles small children after witnessing that.

So we had dinner and then got a little hot and heavy. He ended up getting off three times in the course of a few hours. And I was correct, the banana is a very nice one. But we agreed no sex because we wanted to keep things slow(anyone see the contradictions yet?)

So to date, I have seen him 6 times. 3/6 he has gotten blow jobs. And once he slipped and ended up having anal sex with me. Yeah, so much for taking it slow. So the last two time have just been cuddles and kisses. We are starting over in a way and actually taking things slow.

He spent his Saturday helping me take on some projects in my yard that were long overdue. He’s a keeper. I don’t want to go this slow, but at this point I’m willing to try for him. I see things in him that have been lacking with anyone I have ever met. I’ve shared thoughts and memories with him that I don’t even remember sharing with my ex husband. He is such a kind, gentle, genuine man.

I can’t wait to see where this goes. In the meantime, I’ve said goodbye to OKCupid and some of the other habits I had developed.

It has however been a month since PIV sex and I think it will be a while before I get to experience that with him(at the very least he would like to wait for the divorce to be final in September). It’s killing me, but I think this will be well worth the wait.



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