Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Published July 20, 2014 by daisiesloveandpeace


Angry rant in 3,2,1….

D is out with another girl today. I had time to prepare myself for today, but I still feel like complete shit. I don’t really understand if it’s a date or if they are just hanging out with friends or what. Let’s back up a bit and I’ll explain.

When D and I had the “We need to slow this down talk” he mentioned girls coming out of the wood-works, and and that point I should have pried into it, but I just hoped the problem would go away.

WRONG!! So wrong.

We haven’t had the exclusive talk and it’s far too soon for that I suppose, but I have no interest in seeing anyone but him. I had hoped(and assumed) that he felt the same.

So earlier this week, we were making plans to see each other and he said that he was going to have plans either Saturday or Sunday but he wasn’t sure which yet.

My heart sank. I knew what that meant. So I asked, “Oh? What’s going on this weekend?” And so he said, “Remember that girl I talked about the other night? It’s her birthday party this weekend.” Wellllll…..I didn’t exactly handle that situation with tact.

Tears were shared(yes, he cried too). I told him how strongly I felt. He told me a little more on the situation. Apparently, they had also met on OKC before he met me. She lives an hour away. They talked for a while, both going on dates and doing their own thing. She then drove here one day and they met. I didn’t ask of the detail of that meeting, but he said that he wouldn’t even really classify it as a date. Ok, cool. So her birthday is this weekend and he’s going to drive down there to see her(not one-on-one because her friends will be there too for her birthday). That made me feel so much better.

So while we were hanging out Friday night, I asked him when he would see her and he said “Sunday, IF it happens.”

Oh? Why if?

He explained that the weather was supposed to be bad Sunday and he’s not driving down there in that kind of weather.

So I’ve been hoping, praying for rain. Doing my own rain dance if you will. And last night, I check the forecast for today and it looks terrible. Lots of rain and thunderstorms. Yay!!!

So last night, we are having our normally nightly chat when at midnight he tells me he needs to get some sleep. So I asked what time he was planning on leaving in the morning(knowing he wouldn’t be going anywhere in this weather). He tells me plans have changed. He told her he wouldn’t be able to make it because of the weather, so she is coming here.


Like, really? This is how this is going to go? Fine. I gave him a cold goodnight (which I now regret) and I haven’t heard from him since then.

But here is my thing. He’s told her about me. Why the hell is it so important for her to see him now that he’s been seeing me. Why are women so much more attracted to men when they are involved in some capacity with another woman?? Bitches…



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