My (lack of)Orgasms as a defense mechanism

Published July 23, 2014 by daisiesloveandpeace

So I got to see D yesterday. It was a pretty epic 12 hour affair.

He wanted to see me in my element, so he asked if he could accompany me on my back to school shopping trip for my classroom. Nothing gets me more excited than back to school shopping.  That started at a very young age and has never stopped. I was also excited to share the experience with him, something that the ex would have never even considered.

So I dragged D around town. I loaded up the car on school supplies(it was already full because I haven’t been able to move into my new classroom yet). We also went to the pet store(I’m starting to think he loves my pups as much as I do). And we went to check out paint swatches because I’ve been talking about repainting a few rooms in my house and he wants to help me do that too.  After all that, we grabbed dinner and came back to my house. I told him the night before that I had a surprise in store for him after the shopping.

So, we get back to my house and he entertains the pups while I take a quick shower and change into a cute nightie(his surprise).  I walked back into the living room and I could see his excitement.  So I led him by the hand back to my room.

Now, I need to stop here to backtrack a bit. First, I found out quite soon into seeing D that he is obsessed with my ass. Obsessed. I’ve never had a man(or woman) admire it quite the same way he does.  Second, I’ve decided to use this to my full advantage. D has absolutely no experience or knowledge of BDSM(his only downfall). So I mentioned something about spanking last week. I sent him this cute little info-graphic about proper spanking.  This caught his attention.  So when I saw him Friday he did a little over the knee spanking. Amazing. Quite frankly, the best spanking I had ever had. So that brings me back to last night.

We get to my room and he immediately asks if he can spank me again.  Oh yes! So he puts me over his knee and goes straight to work. It turns me on so much. So after a nice spanking, he slips his finger in my vagina. I wasn’t expecting that. You see, we haven’t had sex and all of the pleasing has mostly been done to him.  It hasn’t been for his lack of trying, I’ve been pretty persistent on just focusing on him.  So he slid his finger in, then he also went to rubbing the clit.  It was amazing. It took me a little while, but I finally loosened up and had  really intense orgasm.  Body shaking good.  After I recovered from that, I took care of his very erect penis.

We then went and did other non sex related things around the house.  We used the paint swatches to determine what colors the walls would be. We played with the pups. Eventually, we ended up back in bed.

We started to make out and he took his penis out and started to rub it against my slit from the outside of my panties(we still haven’t had sex).  That sent more pleasure through my body than I ever could have imagined.  He asked if he could spank me again. Of course I agreed to it. So again he spanked me and then snuck his hand in.  I had an orgasm so very quickly that time. Even more intense than the first.

That’s when it hit me…

Since the split with my ex husband, I’ve had my fair share of sexual escapades.  They almost all end the same. I get the guy off once or twice or three times, then he goes on his way. I don’t let them try to get me off, or if they do try it just doesn’t happen.

I’ve been using orgasms as my defense mechanism.  As soon as I had an orgasm last night, all I wanted to do was spend the rest of the night in his arms.  I’m already a smitten kitten, but oh man did that make it worse.

I haven’t allowed guys I don’t want to be attached to give me an orgasm.  It was in no way a conscious effort.

So now I feel like D has an even larger part of me than he had before.


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