Luring Him In

Published August 8, 2014 by daisiesloveandpeace

DTF meaning - what does DTF stand for?

So, there’s a new guy lurking around. We are going to call him Fisherman. Fisherman and I matched on tinder a week ago. He was sweet and innocent and not exactly what I am looking for as far as a relationship goes, but that’s not what tinder is for, right?

It turns out Fisherman is looking for sex. Yay! Now we just need to make our schedules work out. He’s very handsome. I need this. It’s been almost two months.  Hopefully there will be updates to this story soon. And in case anyone was wondering, he gets his name because part of his flattery is to keep telling me that I have lured him in.

I’m still hung up on D though. And he’s still talking to me. It’s weird. And painful. But I really am a masochist and I am going to let this continue.

There are also a few others. Some guys on OkCupid. Mostly this guy that we will call Joe. He’s in a poly marriage. He seems very nice, but I’m still not sure about the poly thing. I think it’s perfectly acceptable. I just don’t know that it’s for me.

And yesterday started the official back to school days with professional development. We get our kids Monday. It has been quite a stressful two days. I have a co teacher which is a new thing for me. It hasn’t been the best experience. Rawr.

So today was a very long day and I walked into my house after work to a hot, humid, wet/sweaty dog smelling house(yay for South Louisiana in the middle of the summer).  It turns out that the batteries in the thermostat died. It was 90 degrees in the house. Luckily, I keep spare batteries next to my vibrator(seems appropriate to me), so I was able to remedy the situation fairly quickly.

I’m sorry this post was everywhere. I feel so completely scatterbrained right now.





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