The Beast and the Harlot

Published August 24, 2014 by daisiesloveandpeace

It’s time to introduce two new boys to the blog, The Beast and The Politician.

As last week came to an end, I had two dates planned for the weekend. Friday night with The Politician and Saturday night with The Beast. The Politician got rescheduled because I just needed a break Friday. We rescheduled for tonight. Two and a half hours from right now. As far as I know, that is still happening.  The Beast was rescheduled because yesterday my mom’s boyfriend died. Let’s discuss why this is of any importance to me at all:

As you can recall(or reread: I’m going to be an Aunt) my brother recently moved back here with his pregnant girlfriend. They moved in with my mom and the man she has been living with and leeching from for the past few years. At the beginning of August, the boyfriend was hospitalized and fell into a coma. Things have been up and down. Also, my brother’s girlfriend went home on a one way ticket. We are all pretty sure that is over. Yesterday, the boyfriend died. My brother was in hysterics. He says he saw the man as a second dad. I don’t know if he and my mom are actually grieving or just upset because their free ride is over. I know that is a terrible thing to say, but that’s who they are.  I am concerned that they are going to try to get me to let them into my home. My brother yes, my mother-no way in hell.

So that’s going on.

I’m getting ready to meet with The Politician. We are doing dinner. I never do dinner on the first date, so this should be interesting. I’m not sure about his intentions.  He seems to be fairly stable, though, so he’s got that going for him.

And there is The Beast.  I actually initiated the messages with him on OkC. His profile said something about thinking he would never find someone that is as kinky as him. Boy, do I like a good challenge. So we are tentatively rescheduled for drinks on Tuesday. I am also looking forward to that.

Both The Politician and The Beast are still active in some branch of the military. That’s something that I normally steer away from, but let’s see what happens.

In other news, the countdown to D-Day is getting closer to single digits. I’ll be happy when I can say I am divorced, and not I am in the middle of a divorce. Also, Ron said that if he doesn’t find someone here soon, he plans on moving out of the state. I really don’t see him being here much longer.


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