The Politician- Dates 1 and 2

Published August 28, 2014 by daisiesloveandpeace

Sunday night was the first date with the politician. It was the first time I did a first meeting/first date over dinner. It started out every bit as awkward as I expected. Eventually, warmed up to each other and were able to have semi-normal conversation. We mostly talked politics(hence his name). It was actually interesting, because we have opposing views on things, but we are both people who enjoy hearing the other side. After dinner, we stood awkwardly in the parking lot for a few minutes talking. He asked if I wanted to go get ice cream. So we did. We ate the ice cream and then sat in the back(bed) of the truck, just talking more. He talks more than I do, which is typically difficult. We parted ways with a peck on the lips and a promise to see each other again this week.

Last night was “date” 2. He came over and we watched a movie while I graded papers. We actually watched the movie. That never happens for me. After the movie, he asked what now? I told him I had no idea. He stood up, grabbed me by the hand and pulled me up, and have me some soft, sweet, passionate kisses.

In other words, instant puddle in my panties.

So this progressed to the bedroom. Everything was going well. We laid down, we were making out, I unzipped his pants, pulled out his penis, and….. Panicked. Why panic, you ask? Well, in my ongoing quest for happiness and good sex, I’ve seen a lot of penises. All shapes and sizes. This one, however, presented a problem that somehow I’ve never had before. He’s uncut. I’m a fairly quick learner, I thought I can figure this one out. So I proceed to do what I do best and I put my mouth to work. I quickly learned the number one rule. Uncut guys are a lot more sensitive than cut guys. I learned that as he twisted in pain from me being to rough. Well, shit. My once perfected art now needs to be re-perfected.

We did also have sex. And it was pretty good. The cuddles after were best.


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