Baking a Cake

Published September 5, 2014 by daisiesloveandpeace

I don’t bake.

I’m a Cajun through and through, I can cook like a beast. Don’t ask me to bake though. Nope, not this girl. I even prefer to eat savory things over sweet things, so it works out.

I’m baking a cake tonight. It’s the oven right now. 

Why am I baking a cake? First, it’s my birthday month! Yay! That means cake, right? Since the divorce, friends have been few and far between. I don’t think I’ll be getting a birthday cake this year, so I am taking matters into my own hands.

I’m also baking to stay out of trouble. Tonight I feel like I have a giant magnet pulling me towards anything with trouble written across it.  The walls of my house are closing in on me and I am desperate to get out, but I don’t really have anyone to get out with.  So, I bake.

I am currently having a conversation with D which is going….. well it’s just weird.  He wants to see me. I almost did that. It’s a very long story as to why I actually turned him down tonight, but I will be seeing him soon.  He’s going to have a gallery exhibit thing for his work in town in a couple of weeks. So there is that.

And there is The Beast. I have briefly heard from him. Enough to know that we are going to have to really work at it to make our schedules work. The last two weeks have been so stressful with work that all I want to do when I get home is drink, sleep, and fuck. And not being able to fuck is putting a damper on my already soured mood.

So, I’m baking a cake. And I re-installed tinder. And I’m actively looking around OkCupid.  I just need the right man to come around.  Who can turn down sex with no commitment? 

Anyone want to help a girl out? 


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