Moar Plz

Published September 18, 2014 by daisiesloveandpeace

There are so many thoughts floating around in my head right now, so this is going to be hard to focus on only one.

I still need sex. After The Beast and I hooked up I have had a craving that can’t be fixed. For the first week or so after, I barely heard from him. The contact has become more and more constant since then. I still haven’t seen him though. The current plan is this weekend. I need this to happen. We have been exchanging dirty talk and pictures on a daily basis. I’ve been playing to his kinks, which I’m not quite comfortable to share with the world yet.

I’ve had a lot of time to think about our one hookup and what really made him different.

A lot of men say that they get off on seeing the woman they are with get off. And it’s bullshit. The Beast said the same thing. He was different though. Most guys say that have said that to me come over, get blown, stick their dick in me, and if it’s convenient to them, they get me off too.  Not The Beast. He got me off each time before he got off( we each got off three times in the course of a few hours). And he was passionate. While it was a no strings attached hookup, I didn’t feel like a slut.

He continues to tell me I’m hot, my privates are beautiful, etc.  Even if he’s just saying those things, they make me feel good.  He’s so much different from all of my other experiences and I still have a hard time believing it because he so far from what I typically go for. Maybe I have had this wrong all along?

So here’s to the weekend and the promise of amazing sex.


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