Reasonable Requests

Published September 23, 2014 by daisiesloveandpeace

I’m pretty easy going and very open minded.  I normally take reasonable requests for things. Sure, no problem.

Tonight, I received a reasonable request and turned it down.

I was talking to D. We are making birthday sex plans for Saturday now that it’s all of a sudden okay for him to have sex with me.  We have messed around before, but we never had PIV sex.  Tonight, he asked if I would shave for him. Bare. Everything.

I can’t. It bothers me to do so. I used to do it when asked, but I’ve stopped. I hate the way it feels and looks.

And The Beast prefers natural.

This simple, little request really put things into perspective for me. D is not the man for me, not even just for sexy fun times.

I texted The Beast and told him that he’s set the bar very high.  I told him that he can’t go anywhere anytime soon.

….. And he said he wasn’t planning on it.


3 comments on “Reasonable Requests

  • I’m not a fan of completely hairless, either on myself of my partner. Smooth labia/balls feels better, especially during sex, but aesthetically I like a landing strip, or some near topiary.
    Wilst I’ve been getting waxed for a decade or so, and I can’t imagine going back to shaving (except in emergencies), one of the most erotic things I’ve ever done is to shave my partner’s muff.

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