Dumping D

Published October 4, 2014 by daisiesloveandpeace

First I was dating D, then I was dumped by D. This time, I dumped D. For good.

I let him walk back into my life because I felt guilty for just cutting him out without warning. And he brought flowers. We had plans for Friday. I was supposed to go see his art exhibit and then we were going to hang out.  On Thursday, I ended things with him quite the same way he ended things with me before. Through a text. I told him that I would never be able to trust him after he blindsided me the first time. He was a little upset, but there was nothing he was going to say that was going to change my mind. He kept saying that he has been nothing but honest with me. I didn’t respond because there was no point. I really wanted to point out that lies of omission are lies just the same.  I have the fucking screen shots of the first time he ended things and he never mentioned anything about it being because he was seeing someone else. The whole time I thought it was because I smothered him. I thought it was me.

I feel so much better having that weight lifted off of my shoulders. And quite frankly the conversation with him had become so boring to me. All of the sparkle of the newness wore off and I realized how boring he is. And there are all the wonderful men in my life currently who are constant reminders that there are good guys out there.  Guys who do deserve my time.

There’s The Beast. We are supposed to see each other this weekend, but I am not sure how that’s going to work out. And my period just started and I don’t know how he feels about that. Something tells me that he is not going to be someone who is bothered by that.

There’s also my new roommate, Kevin.  I was getting lonely so I decided to use the dreaded craigslist for someone to live in my spare room.  I let two guys come see the place and Kevin won by a long shot. He’s super smart and going back to school. He has a similar schedule to my own and enjoys watching Big Bang Theory reruns on a nightly basis.  He makes me laugh. And he’s absolutely drool worthy. I don’t drool over men often. So that definitely gives me a reason to be excited about being home.

If I could combine the brains and sense of humor from Kevin with the great sex and open mindedness of The Beast, I would have my perfect man. One day.

Hopefully I’ll get my Beast fill this week. I could really use a good pounding.


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