Saturday with Alex

Published October 13, 2014 by daisiesloveandpeace

This is a follow up to Friday night with Alex, a little bit of fiction for a special someone.

I wake up Saturday morning next to your beautiful body. I’m ready to spend the whole day in between the sheets with you. I trace my fingertips down your chest, all the way down to your already erect cock.  My mouth follows the path that my fingers took, lightly kissing every inch. I get down to your throbbing cock and lightly run my tongue around the tip.  I hear a small moan leave your lips and I know how happy you are. I take your cock all the way into my mouth very slowly.  I take every inch into my mouth and I feel your cock hitting the back of my throat. I slowly move my mouth up and down your cock while I gently massage your balls.  I’m enjoying having a mouthful of your cock.  I speed up a little and I continue to work your cock with my mouth and hand until you can’t take it anymore.  I back away just as you cum and let you cove my face in your cum. I love the feeling of the warm cum dripping from my face.

We decide to take a shower to rinse away all of the mess we just made.  You soap me up, taking special care of all of your favorite places.  You slowly run your hand across my slit and a gentle moan escapes me.  You turn me around and kiss down the side of my neck, your cock rubbing against my ass.  You slowly slide your dick into my ass and I let out a loud moan.  You fuck my ass until you fill it with cum.  You then admire your work as your watch the cum drip from between my ass cheeks.  We actually get washed off and get dressed, your biggest surprise is yet to come….

There’s an unexpected knock at your door shortly after our shower.  You answer it to find a beautiful woman on the other side.  Her name is Julia. I made friends with Julia when I started planning my trip to see you.  I introduce the two of you and you are still not quite sure as to what is going on.  I walk over to Julia and give her a sweet, gentle kiss hello.  Things are starting to make a little more sense to you.  I take her by the hand and bring her to the sofa. We start to kiss some more, deeper and with more passion.  I run my hand on the outside of her shirt, feeling her soft breasts and her hard nipples. You come to sit on the other side of her and you begin caressing her other nipple.  Her lips leave mine to find yours.  She reaches down and rubs her hand across your cock, rubbing the tip over the top of your pants.  I slide down to the floor and spread her legs. I lift up her skirt and slide down her panties. I run my tongue over her slit.  She is very wet and ready for us. She unzips your pants and starts to work her mouth around your cock as I gently flick my tongue over her clit.  I slide a finger into her tight, wet hole and I hear her moan even with a mouthful of your cock.  It doesn’t take long before she is having an orgasm around my fingers. She tastes so sweet. Julia continues to suck your cock even through the orgasm. I sit next to you and kiss you so that you can taste her too.  You stand up, push me back and slide down my pants. She goes from your cock, to my pussy, licking away at the wetness. You slide your cock between her legs from behind and begin to fuck her as Julia runs her tongue around my clit. I reach down to rub her clit with my hands and it intensifies the pounding you are giving her.  Julia cums around your dick and then you explode as well.  We all lay there for a while to catch our breath.  She’s going to be with us for the whole afternoon.  Finally, we have our play thing.


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