Is it Thanksgiving yet?

Published October 15, 2014 by daisiesloveandpeace

Work has been absolutely crazy.  I keep telling myself that Thanksgiving break is closer than it appears, but self keeps laughing.  Middle schoolers seem to suck all of the life right out of me.

It’s also going on too many days since I’ve been laid. I’ve actually purchased a new assortment of toys in the meantime to keep me occupied. The box o’ fun came in yesterday and I took one for a test drive after locating the proper batteries. (The online adult toy store I order from should really push those at checkout).  They were running a special of spend $17 and get three free vibes. It took me forever to figure out what to spend the $17 on, but I finally decided on a cute plug with a tail.  Hopefully I will have a reason to wear it soon.

The Beast and I have been trying to plan something and our schedules keep not working out. Last night he sends me a message asking me if my divorce was final. I told him yes, it was final as of last week. He said good, he just got rid of his roommate and he would be seeing a lot more of me now. Apparently his ex-girlfriend was still living with him because had no where else to go. I guess it’s fair that I didn’t know that because he didn’t know I was technically not divorced when we started seeing each other.  He also asked if it was okay if he started spending the night when he comes over. I told him that was fine with me. I battle with that one because I want to spend the night in his arms, but it’s going to make the feelings thing worse.  We will see where that leads.

I have a first date on Sunday. Let’s call him The Shrink. He’s quite interesting, very smart, and a single dad. We’ve been talking for a few weeks now and sex hasn’t been brought up at all. That may be a first.

Happy hump day! Go out and hump somebody!


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