Published November 1, 2014 by daisiesloveandpeace

In January of this year I started my quest for good sex. Over these last ten months I’ve met and talked to many men. Today was a new one. This guy and I exchanged numbers from OkCupid. He was cute, not exactly my type but I am looking to get laid pretty desperately right now. So I went with it. We were going to meet for coffee tonight. Things just seemed off, but like I said I am desperate for penis so I ignored things. Then he sends me a text tell me that he’s not as cute as his profile picture. So I tell him to prove it. He calls me instead and tells me the whole profile was a fake. His picture, age, everything. It turns out that I am more attracted to the person he actually is, but it’s too late. I can’t do any sort of relationship that begins in deceit.

I’ll just clean house and grade papers which was my original plan for today.  I just put on Alt-J which was a band that Aiden introduced me to.  I never updated as to what happened to Aiden. He fell off the face of the earth. That was one that pained me more than I was expecting. Aiden is in a serious relationship and while he’s ok with physically cheating on his SO, he’s not okay with emotionally cheating which is what our relationship had turned into. One day, I will find the perfect guy who will not be married or in a relationship.

On a lighter note, I woke up from a wonderful sex dream this morning. There’s only one problem, the dream was about Kevin, my new roommate. I need to get laid so I can stop looking at him like he’s prime rib.  The sex in the dream was so good too.


3 comments on “Catfished

  • Errghh!!

    Ps. I Love that you wrote on the “Truth or Lie” game by Ann St. Vincent, that your favorite posish was Cowgirl as a lie…! I AGREE ! Hhahahaha. I wish it was my favorite but it’s just not… Hahaha.

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