Feeding The Beast

Published November 5, 2014 by daisiesloveandpeace

I’m a Grey’s Anatomy junkie. In the early years, there is a reference to “feeding the beast”. The beast being your sexual desire.

Last night, I fed my beast. Well, The Beast fed me.

This is going to need a little bit of backtracking as the last post I made about The Beast was me turning him down for an evening of fun because I had a second date with The Shrink.  The second date with The Shrink happened. He cooked me dinner at his place. We had sex. His oral skills are amazing. And then things got crazy for him as far as his schedule goes. So I haven’t seen him since. He’s been feeling under the weather, so I decided to take it upon myself to bring him soup a few nights ago. I’m not normally one to intrude like that, but I really like him and I wanted to make sure that he was okay. So I brought him soup. To the other side of town. After working a ten hour day. That was kind of a big deal. I feel like maybe I overstepped boundaries, because I haven’t really heard from him since then. I’m kind of giving up on that front.

Yesterday was a teachers’ in-service day, and it was boring.  Work has been pretty rough for so many reasons which I feel like I need a separate blog for.  So I did what all good teachers do: I went drinking with the other teachers as soon as our meetings were over. So I get home at about 4 with a little more than a buzz going.  I talked to Kevin(roommate) and decided the best course of action would be to continue to drink.  The problem with drinking, though, it that it makes me even more horny than I normally am. So I started going through my little black book. I hesitated with The Beast because he’s been short with me lately and I thought that the bridge had possibly been burned. I sucked it up and texted him anyways. And what do you know, he was available!

Since Kevin moved in I have been on my best behavior. I’ve been a little nervous to let my freak flag fly.  It’s a very kinked flag. A loud, kinked flag.  I gave him a heads up on the situation and told him he should probably stay in the living room with the TV turned up for the evening. I also told him he could have any beer in the fridge. He asked me a funny question while I was waiting on The Beast to get here.

Kevin: “Do you think he will try to shake my hand?”

Me(Still tipsy): *uncontrollable laughter* Probably, he’s a good guy

Kevin: Ok, I will shake his hand when he walks in, but I am NOT shaking his hand when he leaves. I know where that hand has been!!!

So, The Beast appears and tries to make small talk with Kevin while I am practically dragging him to my room.  After a couple minutes(which felt like an hour), I got him into my bed. It was exactly what I needed. He was sweet and sensual last night, which isn’t exactly like him, but it was exactly what I needed. I could let that man kiss me forever.

Also, I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I am a whore. I got a text Sunday from a number that was saved in my phone with a first name, but I couldn’t remember who it was. I was telling Kevin about it and I said “Well, at least I know it wasn’t someone I slept with….Oh, wait”

It was The Politician. He says he has been away with the army. I’m not sure that that’s true. He says he thought he told me, but I have a damn good memory and I really don’t remember that conversation.  So he may be back around. We will see.

I just want some more of The Beast’s sweet lovin’

The Beast needs to continue to feed my beast.


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