Rethinking things

Published November 29, 2014 by daisiesloveandpeace

It has been a quiet week off from work, but it has been really loud in my head. There have been a few things this week that have made me rethink where I am and what I am doing.  I think I am ready to be in a relationship, but I need to find someone who meets every single one of my qualifications. I’m done with compromising and letting things slide.  I want to take this post to list the qualifications that I have come up with.

1.  He must be intelligent.  I would prefer a degree or at least a career. Someone with drive and curiosity.

2. He must be tolerant of all people. Any color, religion, gender, sexuality etc. I don’t want someone who is judgmental.

3. He has to be positive and have a sense of humor.  I’m looking for a glass half full guy who is goofy, but knows when it is time to be serious.

4.  He needs to be responsible. Responsible with money is a big deal as that was something that Ron never was.

5.  Non smoker/drug user. I’ve been bending on that one a lot lately.

6. He must be an animal lover. At least dogs. Especially my two mutts.

7. He has to be ok with showing physical affection. I don’t need him making out with my in public, but holding my hand while we walk down the street seems appropriate.

8. He needs to be someone that understands I am a giver and I will give him anything and everything, but that doesn’t make it a one way street. I want someone who can nurture me like I nurture them.

9.  I want someone who opens the door for me and holds it open for others.  Just a general gentleman. This has only recently grabbed my attention.

10.  I need someone who is going to help push me to be the best me.

11. He has to be open minded to all things.  Even if he has his on views on something, I would like him to at least be able to hear out my own without feeling like he is a child with his fingers in his ears.

12. He has to have a sex drive equal to my own.  He also needs to be willing to experiment and explore my kinks while not being pushy.

As of right now, I have deactivated Tinder, OkCupid, and FetLife.  I’ve been talking to someone who I don’t see ever being more than friends, but he is honestly as close as it gets to what I am looking for. He builds me up.  It’s nice. And he is probably way out of my league.


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