My Unicorn

Published December 10, 2014 by daisiesloveandpeace


So maybe I found my unicorn. What makes a unicorn you ask? Well here is my person definition:



This guy, who shall now be called unicorn, messaged me on OkCupid on Sunday(yeah, I caved Sunday and reactivated).  He started with some silly message that I almost didn’t respond to, but his profile was well written and he’s an engineer.  He almost immediately asked for my number. I loved it. I hate the beating around the bush thing that so often happens. We texted for a short time and then a bit more Monday, which is when the above conversation happened.

On Tuesday, the conversation got a lot more playful and I sent him a nice cleavage shot during the day.  We were texting during the evening and realized that he lives in the same apartment complex as Ron, literally two minutes from my house.  He started to really take control and said he was going to control when we met, etc. So I pulled a few teases. And this happened:


At that point, I chickened out a bit. I was in my pj’s and I knew my roommate wouldn’t exactly appreciate a random stranger in the house.  Then I learned that a certain body part was his weakeness…



So I ended up at his place very soon after that.  It was good. We walked into the apartment and had a very short awkward conversation before he grabbed me, threw me against the wall, and started kissing. Pretty good kisser. He went down my neck and bit a little(he actually left a mark).  Then he told me he thought I would look better bent over my bed.  He was trying to be rough and dominant and it was a little comical because I could tell he wasn’t super experienced there.  He was still pretty good at it.

Hopefully last night will not be the only time I see him. It didn’t sound like it, but I can never tell. We had some issues. And we both think too analytically. We were trying to solve the issues with logic and not passion.  I’m very interested here because we are very similar. This could lead to a lot of fun.

Oh, and this happened after:


There’s something else brewing, but I hate to give away too much too soon.

Happy hump day everyone! Go out and get humped!


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