Of Wreaths and Unicorns

Published December 21, 2014 by daisiesloveandpeace

This week was a bit of a hell hole for me.  Teaching middle school has it’s ups and downs and the week before Christmas Break is an up and a down.  The whole week consisted of giving mid-terms and scraping children from the ceiling. Wash, rinse, repeat.  To top this all off, I am leaving Monday to see my parents.  They live quite literally across the country.  I’ve avoiding going there for several years now, and this time they pretty much left me without a choice.  They paid for the tickets and to board the dogs for a week. Have I mentioned I am also a nervous wreck when it comes to flying?  I mean, I am just an anxious person in general.  So for the whole last week, everyone has been witness to the most uptight, tightly wound Daisy there is.  This didn’t scare Unicorn away.

So we last left off in this story with him spending the night at my house last Saturday and waking me with amazing oral.  On Monday, I decided I was going to head to the craft store after school to make him a wreath as he had complimented my wreath.  He had also just decorated for Christmas and I knew he didn’t have one.  And to be quite honest, doing things like that are quite soothing to me.  As I was leaving work Monday, the girl that teaches across the hall from me stopped and asked why I was leaving in such a hurry.  I told her the truth about the wreath.  She then went on a tirade. This is clearly more than friends with benefits if I am doing things like that(I like to do nice things for my friends).  I’m going to be disappointed if he doesn’t get me something for Christmas in return(why would I expect anything from someone I’ve known for three weeks, and besides I’m a giver not a receiver).  I’m investing too much time and energy into this.  And finally the kicker, the thing that made me walk out the door: I have no idea how to be alone. I was just down right angry after that. I’m quite happy alone. In fact, I would say quite the opposite is true. I don’t know how to be with someone….but I digress.

So I go home and make him a wreath. Then I invited him over for dinner. I cook every night for my roommate and myself, so I definitely wasn’t going out of my way there.  Unicorn came over and had dinner.  He loved my cooking and my wreath. I was a happy girl.  We eventually snuck off to my bedroom for a little bit.  It was lovely, as always.  He then went home and sent me the following message:


We texted a bit back and forth through the week and on Thursday, he invited me over.  When I walked in he immediately kissed me.  He asked me about my day and then asked if I wanted to cuddle up in bed.  We did, and again we had really great sex.  We laid there talking for a little while and I looked over at the clock and asked if it was time for me to leave because we both get up at the ass crack of dawn.  He held me hand and told me not yet, he really enjoyed talking to me too much.  So I stayed a while longer, cuddled up and talking.  My favorite part of the night by far was when I started telling him about something I was excited about teaching the week after Christmas break.  He got excited about it, got up, ran into the other room and grabbed paper and pencil, returned to bed and handed it to me and asked me to show him.  He sat behind me straddling me, his arms wrapped around me as I taught him the box method for factoring in Algebra 1.  In that moment, I was his.

I asked him if that would be the last I would see of him because he was going to be out of town all weekend and my flight out is Monday.  He told me he was going to try to see me Sunday when he got back to town.  So that’s today. Let’s see what happens.


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