Naked Coffee

Published December 31, 2014 by daisiesloveandpeace

Well, the last week and a half has been quite interesting to say the least. I am so very happy to be back home.  My plane landed around noon on Monday. I made it back to my house about two. I took a shower because I was in desperate need after being stuck without luggage in Denver the night before.  As soon as I was showered, I sent a text to the Unicorn letting him know I was home and ready to see him.  At this point I should also mention that Monday was the one year anniversary of my split with Ron and Tuesday would have been our wedding anniversary.

We had pretty constant contact the whole time I was gone.  He played a major part in keeping me sane when my family was driving me crazy.  I wanted to see him because of the sex obviously, but I was also ready to see my friend.  I was ready to be in his arms.

He arrived shortly after my message. I decided to leave the dogs in boarding for one more night so that we could have a night with nothing to focus on but the two of us(Kevin, my roommate is also out of town).  There was a giant hug at the door.  I had been waiting for that embrace for a week.  We made our way to the sofa and talked a little bit while our hands were entangled.  It wasn’t long before I found his mouth on my own and him pulling my body on top of him.  We had some foreplay in the sofa and eventually found our way to my bedroom.

After that, we decided to start scratching things off of our list.  We made a list of things that we wanted to do together.  It includes movies, shows, games, and things around town.  One of the things on the list is one of my favorite movies, Secretary.  I didn’t know how he would like that, but I wanted to give it a shot.  We laid in my bed and watched the movie, again entangled with each other.  I was pleasantly surprised that he actually enjoyed the movie.

We decided to go to a nice dinner afterwords.  It just felt so natural.  We kind of discussed where we were a bit.  We are both happy with where we stand with each other without making any commitments.  We discussed prior relationships, family, and secrets.  We split the check(which I normally find a little awkward, but it wasn’t) and we headed back to my place.  We decided to scratch another thing off of the list by watching another movie.  The movie was followed by more sex.  Then cuddles and much needed sleep.

I woke up Tuesday morning and he was still sound asleep. I waited a while and woke him up with a gentle kiss. I needed to go get my dogs.  He offered to help me, but he needed coffee first. I made us each some coffee and we sat naked on the sofa, slowly enjoying our coffee and conversation.  Things are just so amazingly comfortable with him.

We grabbed the pups and some lunch and came back to the house.  We watching some TV and talked a bit and then ended up back in bed. He remarked that this is the most amount of condoms he’s gone through in such a short time span.  I’m pretty damn proud.  A couple of other things were said during this time. First was that I give the best blow jobs that he’s ever had. (Tell me something I didn’t know?) And then for some reason he told me that I was his fourth partner. Fourth. I assumed he was less experienced than me, but in that moment I felt like a whore. I didn’t tell him my number because suddenly I felt ashamed(19).

He eventually went back to his place because he had to pack to go out of town today to spend New Year’s with his guy friends.  He ran by my house this morning to grab something he left before he left town.  I was still half asleep with severe bed head.  He asked me if I had been awake long and I told him I had just been laying in bed a while.  He told me I looked so cute for having just woken up.

I’m falling so hard and I know that this is so dangerous.

Happy New Year everyone!


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