Comfort and Pain

Published January 11, 2015 by daisiesloveandpeace

This weekend has been quite an adventure.

During the day Friday, Unicorn and I made plans to build a fire in the fireplace Friday night, have some whiskey, and some dinner.  Before I left school, some of the other teachers asked me to go out with them that night. I told them that I had plans and they wanted to know if it was with “the boy”. I said yes.  They are trying to get me to put a title on our thing.  They keep telling me that what I am doing is a relationship and not friends.  Every time I talk about him, they call him my boyfriend.  While I absolutely love that idea, I am not wanting to force anything or change anything or scare him away by mentioned the word relationship or boyfriend.

So he came over and we ended up giving up on the fireplace idea.  We had lots of conversation, Big Bang Theory, chicken wings, and whiskey. It was quite amazing.  We eventually made it to the bedroom and we were both a little buzzed.  The foreplay lasted much longer than usual(and I have some bruises as a reminder).  The sex was amazing.  As it always is with him.  We fell asleep with me wrapped up in his arms.

I woke up the next morning and started to lightly caress him, stroking his chest down to his thighs and lightly brushing against his morning wood along the way.  I took it upon myself to give him some good morning kisses there.  I was also hungry to taste his cum because I hadn’t yet made him cum from oral and it was bothering me.  I was finally able to taste him and he tasted amazing. As expected.

I got up and made him coffee, brought it back to bed and laid with my head in his lap as he sat and had coffee.  The conversation continued to flow as it always does between us.  He told me it was time for him to get going as he had things to take care of, so we got dressed and said our goodbyes.

My best friend(Glen) had texted me during that time I was in bed with the Unicorn.  We made plans for lunch and hanging out that afternoon followed by some crawfish and beer(have I mentioned how much I love Louisiana?)

So Glen and I grabbed some lunch and headed over to the craft supply store to make some more wreaths.  That’s when it started.  A very sharp, stabbing pain in my lower left side.  I had woken up with some dull pressure in the area that morning, but this felt like death.  I almost through up with the sudden onset of the intense pain.  I was having a hard time walking around the store, but I pushed through it. At this point, Glen was a little concerned but we kept going.

We went back to my house and laid on the sofa and talked a while.  I gushed on and on about Unicorn.  I did take that time to think about how much sex is holding us together and wonder if it wasn’t for sex, would he still be around?  I noted that we didn’t sext or have phone sex. We text or call each other everyday, but it’s never sexual.  However, I also noted that we have had sex every single time we have seen each other.

It was time to head off for the crawfish and beer, but Glen noticed that I was having a hard time sitting up because every time I moved, the pain was excruciating.  He told me that we were going to the ER and not to dinner.  I hate going to the doctor. I was not happy and I was nervous, but I was in such extreme pain that I even let him drive. I was texting Unicorn at the time and letting him know what was going on.  He asked me to keep him updated and told me that no matter how late it got, if I needed anything to let him know.

We spend a few hours in the ER for them to take a urine sample and say they didn’t see anything and they didn’t want to do a CT and expose me to unnecessary radiation.  They sent me home with pain killers.  At this point, we are figuring it’s either a kidney stone or a cyst on my ovary burst.  I’ve never had either.  I came home, took the pain killer and passed out.

I woke up this morning, still in pain. I called my stepmom and cried because I am in pain and I don’t know why.  This is one of the rare times that I wish my family lived closer than they do.

I took the other medicine they gave me(non-narcotic) thinking it would dull the pain enough that I could get work done, but not knock me out either.  Boy was I wrong. I couldn’t walk straight. I almost busted my ass just walking to the door to let the dogs out.  I gave up on being productive and retreated to my bed.  I texted Unicorn and let him know what was going on.  He called me and told me that he was on his way back from town and wanted to know if he should bring me lunch.  I accepted the offer and told him just to let himself in when he got here.

He came over with lunch and sat with me and ate.  He then got up, cleaned up after us and took out the over flowing trash.  He laid down in bed with me, holding me, caressing me.  I was nuzzled in his chest and I mumbled “This is exactly what I needed.”  He responded with, “I know, you needed some love.” Yes I did.  He laid with me for a bit longer and I was near snoring. He got up and set up my room so that I could work from bed when I was ready.  Then he leaned over, kissed my forehead, then cheeks, and a quick peck on the lips and told me to call if I needed anything else.

I think I fell in love.


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