When Two Worlds Meet

Published January 18, 2015 by daisiesloveandpeace

Today was my weekly Unicorn date day. I hate that it has to be so long between seeing each other, but that’s the way our schedules work out.  I am still trying to balance this friends with benefits thing with desiring so much more from him.

I am trying to let go of things and see what happens.  I just told my best friend:

“I just want to let it go and see what happens.  I would rather give this room to grow and possibly get heart broken than smoother it and never know where it could have gone.”

And it’s the truth. Back to today.

I woke up to a good morning text from him today. We had agreed to do something today that would get us outside, as it was a beautiful weekend.  We took one of the pups and walked a little nature trail in town.  It was so pretty.  And you know by now that the conversation is always satisfying.

We came back to the house and went straight to bed. I’ve been teasing him with pics and sharing of dirty fantasies for the last 24 hours.  He couldn’t get his hands on me fast enough.  He used his hands to give me one of the best orgasms I have had in a very long time.  It definitely changed the pace of things from what normally happens.  He fucked me after. That was also very nice.  We laid in bed and talked for a while, deciding to finally get lunch. My best friend Glen texted me to tell me about his weekend and look for some words of guidance. I was texting him and explaining what was going on to the Unicorn. Apparently my best friend and the Unicorn’s best friend are very similar.  The Unicorn said he wanted to meet Glen.

That really, really caught me off guard. Why would he have any plans to meet Glen? Aren’t we just fucking. This thing has gotten so far away from it’s original purpose that it isn’t even funny.  I asked Glen to swing by for a bit and he did.  After speaking to them both separately afterwords, it turns out they genuinely liked each other.  I was surprised and not at the same time.

Glen is very protective of me, so I didn’t think he would approve.  Unicorn suggested we all get drinks together soon. He’s slowly integrating himself more and more into my world.

I’m trying not to over-think all of these things, but it’s very difficult. With each passing day, I fall a little harder.


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