Louisiana Saturday Night

Published February 8, 2015 by daisiesloveandpeace

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So last we spoke, the Unicorn had a date Friday night.  Thursday and Friday were very long days at work for me. I expect the next few weeks of work to be quite the same.  Somehow I managed to handle everything thrown at me calmly.

While driving home from work Friday, I called the Unicorn to tell him about work things going on.  We talked for a while, just joking like normal.  I eventually asked him about his plans for the evening with his date.  He said that she had just had surgery and wasn’t up for much so he was going hang out at her house.  We talked a little about it and I asked him to let me know at some point that he was okay and she wasn’t a psycho serial killer.

That’s when I realized how numb I am.  I was upset Wednesday when this originally happened, but I haven’t felt any emotions about it since then.

On Friday night, Glenand I went out for dinner and a drink.  We talked about the situation in great detail and I compared myself to Spock.  He brought up the fact that I am just emotionally unavailable.  Those words never really made sense to me before, but in that moment, they really did.  I am emotionally unavailable. I was right before when I said I wasn’t ready for a relationship.

The Unicorn kept his promise and sent me a text when he got home to let me know he was okay. At 3:45 am. It also didn’t bother me.  What is wrong with me?

Glen needed cheering up of his own, so on Saturday we spent the entire day together.  We had king cake, rum, and crawfish. A perfect Louisiana Saturday.

There’s a slim chance that I may see the Unicorn today, just for a little bit.  We are still going to try to be friends as neither of us really have much else in town. I think it will be just fine.


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