Published April 9, 2015 by daisiesloveandpeace

I’ve been absolutely enjoying my Spring Break this week.  It’s definitely provided me with the mental break that I’ve been craving. It has also given me time to take care of something I’ve been putting off. I legally changed my name back to my maiden name. I also forgot to mention that I closed on the refinance on my house last week, so I am completely done with Ron in every way possible.

I introduced a man at the end of my last post by the name of the Enchanter. First, I would like to update his name to Gigs as that is the nickname he has received from my roommate.  He first called him “Mr. Giggles Man” because I apparently giggle every time I read his texts.We just took that and shortened it to Gigs.

When I wrote the last post, we had had a phone conversation for a few hours on Sunday evening. He has called me every night since then talking anywhere from three-fours at a time. We just click so well.

Today, he finally asked ,me to meet. We are having a late dinner tonight. I am so nervous and excited at the same time.  I hope that our physical chemistry is as good as our mental chemistry. I’ve felt physically inadequate this week, so I’m extra nervous.

Also, I texted the Unicorn about it. I was freaking out about not know what to wear. He told me exactly what to wear. That feels a little awkward, but he is the person most familiar with my wardrobe and honest enough to tell me when I look good or don’t look good in something.

Send me positive thoughts tonight!


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