Here, Hold this for me

Published April 29, 2015 by daisiesloveandpeace

I am very behind on writing, and it is for very good reason.

The last post I wrote was on April 9, as I was getting ready to meet Gigs for the first time.  From all of our interactions before that, I knew he was different. I just didn’t know how different. I wanted to remain cautiously optimistic because I didn’t have it in me to get hurt again. I still don’t.

I met Gigs for dinner at 8 that night. He was standing just outside the doors. I walked up to him and he grabbed me with a big hug.  He stands at a nice 6’3″ while I stand at little ol’ 5’5″.  His arms easily wrapped all the way around me.  He politely opened the door for me and we were seated.

The place we had dinner was one of my favorite drinking spots, but I knew I couldn’t drink. I needed this to go well and I needed to not take him home. I needed this to be different.

We sat down and I was giggly as always when talking to him. We each ordered just a salad first and talked. We took our time through dinner.  I loosened up a bit and decided that I could still have self control with one beer.  We each had a beer. He told me jokes. We swapped stories. Talking to him was just so….easy.  We eventually ordered dinner(he had raw oysters and I had duck and sausage gumbo).  At one point, I reached across the table and grabbed the rubber band off of his wrist.  I just immediately felt the spark from that brief brush against him.  We stayed and talked a while longer and eventually decided it was time to go.

We get into the parking lot and realized we had parked next to each other. We stood between our cars and he told me he wanted to show me something. He had just received the expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity and he wanted to look at the cards. He handed me the box and I opened it up and started going through the cards. He did/said something goofy and I turned around and put my back to him, giggling. He reached his arms around me from behind and I turned to look at him and he kissed me.  I very much got lost in that kiss.  We stayed and looked at the cards, stealing kisses between for a while. After we were done with the cards, he put his hand in mine and said “Here, hold this.” He’s so cute. So clever. And so cheesy.

We ended up in that parking lot until 1:30 in the morning. Then we went home. Separately. With soaking wet panties.  I finally felt like I got something right.

To be continued 🙂


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