Four letter words

Published May 2, 2015 by daisiesloveandpeace

After our wonderful first weekend together, Gigs and I continued to spend a lot of time together. He slept at his place that Sunday night, but mine Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. We have similar schedules, but we keep each other up all night. And it’s not even sex. I was on my period all week. We just enjoy each other’s company so much.  The week was filled with us telling each other I like you, or I like you a lot.  We also just say “mine”. We already have so many inside jokes and sayings.

Early in the week, he asked me to come with him to a crawfish boil with his friends.  Those of you not familiar with how those work, they are typically a fairly large social gathering.  I hate meeting large groups of people at one time. And I felt like I needed to impress his friends. I was so nervous all week.  I really wanted to find any reason to get out of it, but I couldn’t. I had to go with him. I had to face anxiety’s ugly self and conquer it.

On Friday he spent the night. We woke up Saturday morning and took a nice shower together. That was the first time doing that. It was so nice. We got ready and headed out to the crawfish boil around noon.  I actually really enjoyed myself and felt like I fit right in with his friends. It was nice.  I had lots of water, but I was probably still a little dehydrated(this will be important soon).

We returned to my house and took a nap. My best friend Glen stopped by for a little while that evening. We ordered pizza and had a couple beers while I let Glen and Gigs get to know each other.  For some reason, I decided we should switch to rum and coke. So we sat around and I started slurping down rum and coke. I always know my limits, so I wasn’t concerned.

Glen left and I had what I thought was a nice buzz going on.  I slid across the sofa and straddled Gig to give him some kisses. I’ll remind you that we have been telling each other “I like you” all week. Again, he said “I like you”. In my drunken state, I thought I should ask him “Are you afraid of that other ‘L’ word?” To which he responded “I would love to tell you I love you.”  So I looked at him and told him “Well, I do love you” and he told me he loved me.  It was absolutely sweet. It still gives me butterflies writing that.

We decided it was time for bed because it had been a long day. We got off the sofa and started toward the bedroom. That’s when I first noticed it. I was not buzzed. I was wasted. I don’t think I have ever been so drunk in my life. In fact, I know I have never been that drunk.

We got to my bedroom and I sat on the bed while he gave one of the dogs her nightly treat. Then it hit me. I quickly got off the bed and shoved Gigs and the dog out of the way in a vein attempt to make it into the bathroom. I made it to the bathroom, but I didn’t get the lid of the toilet opened in time. I puked everywhere. Just not quite in the toilet. Gigs came in and calmly helped me clean up a bit. And by helped me, I mean he cleaned me. He made himself space on the bathroom floor and kept me company while I exorcised all of my demons for what felt like hours. I’ve never been so sick in my life. And I continued to miss the toilet. I tried to take myself back to bed. I also got the bedroom carpet blessed. He stayed calm and not angry the whole time. Eventually, he got me cleaned all the way off and into bed. He then wiped down every surface in the bathroom.

Not once did I ever feel spite from him. He continued to tell me he loved me. We know we are moving at lightening pace, but we keep saying “When you know, you know.”  And I do know. I know that I’ve never felt this for anyone else. I never loved Ron or was loved Ron as deeply as I do Gigs.  He keeps telling me he’s going to wife me one day. I swore up and down I would never marry again, but this man just may change my mind.

That about catches us up on the super eventful things. He’s continued to spend almost every night here.  We’ve made our schedules and routines work so well together and still kept our separate friends and things.  He’s currently out of town. He left this past Wednesday and he comes back on the 9th. I am going crazy. I can’t wait to be in his arms again.


2 comments on “Four letter words

  • Congratulations – that is simply awesome. The relationship – not puking your guts out. My first horrible drunk was with rum & coke. To this day I cannot have anything mixed with coke, especially rum!

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