Body Cavity Day

Published December 22, 2015 by daisiesloveandpeace

Yesterday was a body cavity day.

First, things weren’t going well with Sheldon. And that needed to be addressed.  He didn’t take what I had to say very well. Understandably.

I also saw my friend Cade yesterday.  I’ve not talked about Cade before, and I don’t want to go into back story now.  He is someone that I hold close to my heart. Our relationship has always been strictly platonic.  I haven’t seen Cade in a couple of months, so he was very excited to tell me that he is proposing to his girlfriend Christmas Eve.  I will go ahead and insert here that I have no poker face.  So my disappointment showed all over my face.  He said I was the first person that wasn’t overcome with joy at this idea.  He also stated that I probably “got him”  better than most others.  So he wants to have a drink before he does it so that he can discuss it with me.  I’m not sure what I am going to say.  I think I am just going to listen.  I seem to be a pretty good sounding board for many around me.

I ended my day by meeting Glen for a drink at our favorite watering hole.  It’s a quiet place in a fairly nice part of town.  We’ve been going fairly regularly and it’s a small place, so we have made friends with the bartenders and some of the other patrons.  I arrive before Glen and took a seat at the bar.  The only open spot that didn’t feel crowded was right near the door.  I ordered a drink and Glen joined me.  A few minutes later, the owner walked outside for a smoke.  When he walked back in, two men walked by and sat on the bench outside.  The owner seemed uneasy about it and walked outside and told the guys that the area was for paying customers only.  At this point, my intuition kicked in.  Something was terribly off.  I excused myself to go to the restroom.  I really just needed to take a walk and calm down.  I also wanted to scope out the place for exits that weren’t the front door.  I freshened up in the bathroom and as I was walking out, another woman walked in saying there had been a shooting and that everyone was in the kitchen and the guys were locking up the bar.  I met everyone else in the kitchen and learned that they two guys on the bench had shot a third guy in the parking lot.  My intuition had unfortunately been spot on.  The police arrived and we were escorted out the fire exit.  Someone died literally feet from where I was.  It was so chilling.  It was so hard to sleep last night.


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