Zeus Part 2

Published February 8, 2016 by daisiesloveandpeace

Read Part 1 here

Soon after exchanging phone numbers, he asked me if I would join him for dinner.  I decided there was no reason not to, so I agreed.  He wanted to meet that night for dinner at the same place Gigs and I had our first date.

I met up with him and it was slightly awkward.  I felt as if everyone was looking at me because he is old enough to be my father.  I fidgeted the entire dinner.  I was a little uncomfortable with how he talked to the waitress.  We made conversation the whole time, but I really felt the generation gap.  After a longer than necessary dinner, he paid and made some joke about see my house.  I wasn’t sold on the idea.

He walked me to my car and kissed me to persuade my decision.  I let him follow me back to my house. It was Sunday night, so there was some prepping I needed to finish for the week.  He sat on the sofa and kept me company while I finished up some things.  I eventually took him back to my room and then it really got weird.

Eventually, we had sex.  It was actually pretty good. Experience goes a long way.  He spent the night, which didn’t thrill me.

We’ve talked a bit since then.  This weekend he asked me to dinner again, but I had plans. Today he asked if I would see a movie with him this week, I haven’t responded.  I’m just really not feeling it.  I’m not feeling much of anything right now, but that’s going to be in a different post soon.


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