Zeus 2.5

Published February 21, 2016 by daisiesloveandpeace

Yup. Didn’t see this one coming either.

I’ve had an absolute shit week.  It started bright an early Monday morning with a dog throwing up a lot of blood.  That turned into me taking time off of work and nice bill at the vet.  Work was kind of meh, and I was still feeling down.

Zeus tried to get me to go out with him Friday night and when I told him that I was too tired to leave the house, he told me he could just come over.  Luckily, I was sleeping when he responded, so I didn’t feel the need to answer that.

I need to backtrack a bit, because I think I left out some important info in my last post.  My biggest gripe and turnoff with him is that all he does is complain.  The only thing he complains about is how heart broken he is.  He’s left his wife for this woman named B.  B seems to no longer be interested after years of having an affair and him finally leaving his wife.  That’s all he wants to talk about.  I’ve got enough problems buddy, I don’t need yours.  On Friday night when he was texting me, he told me he had run into B and it was awkward and they basically aren’t speaking.

On Saturday, I decided to pamper myself a bit. I went to the nail salon for a manicure.  I made a split second decision when I was leaving to go to my favorite bar.  I haven’t been in about a month, and I just needed some me time.  I walked in to a nearly empty bar.  I spoke to the bartender for a few minutes and caught up with him.   I looked up to realize that the only other people in the bar were Zeus and B. What. The. Fuck.  I decided to just ignore them and continue to talk to the bartender.  I was confused about how they are all of a sudden friendly again, but I really don’t care.  Zeus came up to order another drink and gave me a hug.  He told me he would come talk to me when B left.  I know she knew about our date and she knows I know about her.  It felt awkward and icky.

I continued my chat with the bartender(who I would totally go home with in a heartbeat) and out of the corner of my eye, I see B walking towards me.  At this point, I am waiting for a drink thrown in my face or something, because that seems to be the way things work around me.  No.  What she did was much worse.  She came and sat two seats over from me and told me that they were going to keep me company.  Zeus then joined between us.  I was quite literally speechless.  I wanted to slide down into a hole.  I felt like I was suffocating.  There was literally no one else in the bar but the three of us and the staff.  The hot bartender went to take a smoke break and I slipped outside with him.  He looked a little surprised but slid over on the bench so I could sit with him.  I just sat and said, “So that’s fucking awkward.” He asked if I meant the Zeus/B on again off again drama.  I told him yes, that’s all I hear about from Zeus.  I then told him about our date and how that’s all Zeus talked about the whole time.  I told him that I am really not interested in Zeus, but I don’t know how to say that.  He laughed and said, yeah, Zeus doesn’t take rejection well.  We had a good laugh about it and then went back inside.  He kept me occupied for a little while longer until I left. Alone. Peacefully.

Zeus sent me a text a little while later asking if I’d made it home okay and again trying to get me to spend time with him. The problem is I would, if we could talk about anything but his love life.  Another thing on my list of things I don’t have time for.


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