The Fish

Published March 28, 2016 by daisiesloveandpeace

The last week has been quite a whirlwind, and I can’t even write about all of it.

Here are the highlights:

Today is my grad school interview.  I am a nervous wreck.  If I don’t get into this school, I know that I can get into my second choice, but there is something about proving myself here that makes me want it so bad.

I had drinks with the Unicorn last Monday.  Things weren’t going great with his girlfriend and he ended up breaking up with her in the middle of last week. I had it in my head that I needed to seduce him, especially with it being Spring Break and having all of this free time.  I then met him for drinks on Saturday night and my plans quickly changed.  We talked about all of the things we’d done together (hiking, exploring, etc.) and getting back into those things.  That really made me realize that his friendship was far more important to me than sex could ever be.  So I made a drunken vow to myself to not ever try to seduce him ever again.  I’m going to try to integrate him into my expanding circle of friends.

And now, for the main event: Introducing the Fish.

The Fish and I met on OkCupid about two weeks ago.  We exchanged numbers and texted fairly frequently after that.  He is very intelligent and I felt like he could easily keep up with me.  There was an opening in our schedules for Friday.  We decided to meet a bar that allows dogs, so I brought one of pups along for the adventure.  The texting leading up to that was a lot of playful, sarcastic banter.  I was a little concerned that that was all there was to the Fish.  Our date was slightly awkward.  He’s obviously not as experienced in life as I am, and probably not as experienced in dating either.  We talked for about two hours, but not really about anything substantial.  I was still interested, but I couldn’t get a very good read from him.  I hate that.  It was time to say our goodbyes and I knew that would be more telling of how he felt.  I got a hug goodbye.  It was a tight hug, so I thought there was interest, but I still wasn’t confident.  I was very concerned that I wouldn’t be hearing from him again.  I got home and sent him a message thanking him for meeting me.  He thanked me as well.

Now you see, we had the date so early in the day because his alma mater was playing in March Madness that night and he wanted to be alone to watch the game.  I completely understood this and gave him some space to watch the game alone.  It was a close game, but his team lost in the end.  I sent him a text with my condolences.  He told me that he thought he was going to go grab a drink to make himself feel better.  I asked him what else cheered him up.  He sent me a short list that consisted of BJ’s,  dirty jokes, sarcasm, long baths, etc.  I told him that I could help him with some of that.  He asked me to tell him a joke then, and I did.  I then told him that I had gotten a little sunburned on our date earlier that afternoon and that I would need to do some topless sunbathing to even things out. This was where things really started to heat up, because apparently that idea really turned him on. He called me out for being a tease.  It was nine pm and I had just set an alarm for three am to bring H to the airport.  I couldn’t handle being called a tease and not doing anything about it.  So, I did what I do best.  I told him to come over.

Twenty minutes later, the Fish was walking through my front door.  His immediate reaction was, “Woah, you have a legit house. Like, you are really a grown up.”  That further confirmed the idea that he was inexperienced in life.  He put his arms around my waist and drew me in for a kiss.  He is an amazing kisser.  We stood in the middle of my living room for a few minutes, just making out.  He is easily in my top three favorite kissers.  He had a little tongue action, but not too much.  I didn’t feel like he was swallowing my whole face either.  It was great.  After a few minutes of that, he started to push me towards the sofa, but I pulled him into my bedroom instead.  We stood next to my bed making out some more, his hands falling to grab a hand-full of my ass and slowly roaming my body.  He was being slow and deliberate and I stopped questioning how experienced he may be, because he knew what he was doing where it mattered.  He continued to kiss me, sliding my shirt above my head.  He leaned over to kiss my breasts and worked his way back up to my mouth.  I told him that we needed to stay even, so I slid his shirt off as well.  There was quite a bit more foreplay and then we had sex. Twice.  He was even able to make me cum, which hadn’t happened by the hands of another since Sheldon.  There was a lot of cuddling, talking, and giggling between.  I was definitely a lot more interested in him than I was during our date.  It wasn’t even just his epic performance in my bed(although that helped), but I felt like he was more relaxed and himself with me than he was earlier that day.  He ended up leaving around 12:30.  I believe he would have stayed, but he didn’t want to be awake two hours later when I got up to bring H to the airport.

Saturday was spent mostly sleeping for me.  I talked to him very sporadically.  He ended up having car troubles Saturday night and was in a very bad mood, so I tried to give him space.  I was worried all day that I had really screwed things up and wouldn’t be hearing from him/ seeing him again.  On Sunday, his car was repaired and he was in a better mood.  We spent most of the evening talking to each other through text.  We exchanged some naughty photos and words.  We also had slightly more serious conversations, but still not too serious.

I still have no idea where I stand with him and it’s driving me crazy.  Most people are a lot easier for me to read.  I’m trying to just sit back and let this happen.


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    • Thanks! Things have already come to a talking point with the Fish, but I didn’t have to bring it up, so I’m happy 🙂

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