I don’t do relationships

Published April 3, 2016 by daisiesloveandpeace

On Thursday nights, I typically do pub trivia with friends.  This week, Unicorn asked if he could join in.  I am trying to keep a strictly platonic relationship with him, and I thought that would be fun.  I didn’t foresee him meeting me at my house to ride to trivia with me.  This really wasn’t an issue as we live very close to each other and the pub is across town; however, I had plans for the Fish to come over as soon as that was done.  At some point I started to worry a little that Unicorn would try to stay or make a move in some way and that I would have to dodge it.  Luckily, that did not happen and he left as soon as we got back from trivia.  I quickly sent a message to the Fish and told him that I was ready for him to come over.

Fish got to my house around 10:15 that night and didn’t leave until 3:30(he took my request of no sleepovers very seriously).  During those five hours, we had sex three times. Good sex.  He’s very much in shape so he’s got stamina and a fairly short recharge time.  We also did a lot of cuddling and talking between.  The conversation was easy and flowed, which was so much different than the conversation during our first date.  He is very silly and sarcastic, but there is a serious and sweet person underneath it all.  On Friday, we kept up the witty banter through text and I received several drunk texts from him that night.  At least I knew he was thinking about me.

Saturday morning, I drove an hour out to pick up H and C from the airport. I was so happy that they were home.  I spent the morning with them, helping them get settled back in at home(and I just needed an excuse to see them, because I really missed them).  I went home after that and passed out.  I’ve spent a lot of this spring break in bed.  I woke up and got ready to go see AJ.  About a month ago, AJ moved about an hour from here and I haven’t seen him during that time.  Prior to him moving, I was seeing him at least once every other week.  We would do lunch or dinner or a board game or some combination of things.  So I drove out to AJ’s new place and had dinner with him, then some of his friends joined us for a game night. Dinner was nice as always.  It’s nice to have a conversation with a pleasant, fairly normal adult.  At some point during dinner, I started thinking about how much I crave an actual relationship.  I miss having intimate conversations with someone and also sharing that intimacy with them in other ways.

We went back to AJ’s place and his friends met us there.  We played a really awesome game called Fresco.  Near the beginning of the game, I stood up and leaned over to grab something from across the table.  And it happened.  My lower back spasmed like it has never done before.  I went pale and quickly sat back down.  Being the socially anxious person I am, I couldn’t say anything and I just sat there the rest of the two hour game in so much pain.  And I had an hour drive home.  I sent Fish a text and asked if our current arrangement could include back massages and explained what happened.  He said he would try his best.  I told him I would give him a blow job in return, to which he responded he was going to give me the back massage for free. What?  I got home around 11:30 and the Fish met me shortly after.  We laid in my bed and he went to work on my back(both fully clothed).  It felt great.  After a little while, I found myself tucked under his arm with my head on his chest and my arms wrapped around him.  I felt so peaceful and comfortable that I could have fallen asleep.  We had deep conversations about all of those things that you aren’t supposed to discuss: religion, politics, and other things.  I think it was the first time that we had seen each other completely sober.  It was nice.

He began to trace circles on my chest with his free hand and I closed my eyes.  He leaned over and softly kissed my lips.  Something sarcastic was said and broke the mood.  I told him I was ready to get comfortable.  We both got completely undressed and under the covers.  Again, we were wrapped in each other’s arms, gently making out.  I love sex with him, but damn I love making out with him even more.  He knew it was painful for me to move, but I really did want to give him a blowjob, so he moved around so that it would be easier for me to reach his very erect cock.  I wrapped my mouth around it and did what I do best.  It didn’t take long until he was spilling into my mouth as I swallowed it all.  We laid there after and mostly just cuddled in silence.  I was proud.  A few minutes later, he was tracing circles around my nipples and sliding his hand down to my dripping wet cunt.  He alternated sliding his fingers inside of me and rubbing my clit.  I was also quickly brought to orgasm.  He then stuck his throbbing cock back inside of me and fucked me until he came.  We laid there in post sex bliss for a while.  He eventually left, afraid that he may fall asleep in my bed.

The relationships I have with AJ and the Fish could be molded into one to form the perfect(or near it) relationship for me.  It left with me with a lot to think about.  I’ve recently had conversations with close friends that the only person in the last two years that has left me heartbroken other than Ron, was the Unicorn.  I’m starting to think I’m just not built for romantic relationships.

Tomorrow is back to the real world, after a week of vacation from work.  Hopefully I will be able to continue to see the Fish.  Have a great week ya’ll!


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