Published May 10, 2016 by daisiesloveandpeace

It has been a busy few weeks around here.  I’ve seen The Fish once or twice a week, every week.  All of it has been limited to the bedroom.  Amelia popped back up for a hot second.  She sent me a text to see how I was doing.  We texted a bit that night, but it kind of wrecked me.  We got through a week of state testing at work.  It was awful, but the end of the school year is nearly here.  I had a pretty big tiff with one of my close friends.  It really sucked, but it all seems to be okay now.  I was kind of a bitch.  A coworker unexpectedly passed away this week.  And the thing that pulls it all together: tomorrow is going to be the first anniversary of Ron’s death.

I had had enough of all of this by Friday afternoon.  I’d planned to come home and go straight to sleep after work, sleeping through until this morning.  Things never go according to plan though.  Tinka asked me to meet her for a pedicure after work.  As amazing as sleep sounded, a pedicure sounded even better.  I met her and we caught up while relaxing.  I realized that we were very close to my favorite bar, so I decided that I would just head there after the pedicure for a drink or two before going home.  I asked Glen to meet me there, but he didn’t seem keen on the idea.  I then asked the Fish and he told me possibly.  That was much better than the hard no that I was expecting.  We had a miscommunication about the time and he decided he would just meet me at my house after I was done hanging out at the bar.  Glen ended up meeting me and I was pretty much drunk before the sun went down Friday night.

With Glen’s aid, I safely made it home, but I wasn’t done.  I sent The Fish a text and told him that I just wanted to cuddle.  He came over and brought along some bourbon(this man is after my heart). I immediately brought him into my bedroom, undressed myself, and hopped under the covers.  He poured some bourbon and joined me.  We cuddled.  And talked. It was sweet.  He told me he thought he’d owed me a night of cuddling after all of the sex we had been having(I’m so glad he thinks the sex is for him).  We cuddled for quite some time, but then it got heated.  He is such an amazing kisser.  We made out for a little while, then he fingered me into an orgasm.  I would like to point out that he did this while having an arm wrapped around me, holding his bourbon.  He’s quite talented in many ways.  I’m a little hazy on the rest of the night, but I know he fucked ma a couple of times.  I also know that something magical happened that had never happened for me before.  He made me have multiple orgasms.  I never quite understood what that meant until it was happening to me.

All of the fun wiped us both out and before I knew it, he was snoring next to me.  I was kind of happy that he was staying over, but woke up in a bit of regret.  I’m trying so hard to keep an emotional distance.  The Fish is honestly the best sex I’ve ever had and I know that one day that will come to an end, but I would like to safely ride it out to it’s natural end.  I also noticed that he hasn’t signed into OkC in a month, but like Glen said, I’ve been keeping the poor guy busy.

We woke up Saturday morning and had more mind blowing sex with multiple orgasms.  It wasn’t just a drunken fluke.  I’ve been riding that high for a few days now.

Damn, this guy is good.


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