Pillow Talk

Published June 5, 2016 by daisiesloveandpeace

This weekend has been nothing like I expected.  My dad did end up staying at my house Friday night, but he left early yesterday evening to go visit family in our hometown.  I decided to see what the Fish was up to.  I wasn’t feeling particularly horny, but I was lonely and could use the companionship.  I’d also spent the day with extended family with young children, so that voice that sometimes tells me I’m ready to start my own family was yelling in my ear and needed to be silenced somehow.  The Fish had plans with friends, but told me he could come over, around 11.  I asked him if we could watch a movie and snuggle which is a bit different from our normal routine.

About ten minutes before the Fish got to my house, my roommate showed up.  I wasn’t expecting him home, so I am glad he came home when he did and not twenty minutes later.  The Fish arrived and we decided it would be best to watch a movie in my bed instead of the living room since my roommate had gotten home.  We went in my room, and he began to make himself comfortable.  He’d brought over some bourbon and was pouring when I reached around him to grab the remote for the TV.  He stopped and grabbed my breast and started to massage it.  I smirked at him and told him we were going to be watching a movie and that was distracting.  He then spun me in a way so that I was sitting in his lap facing away from him and he had both arms wrapped around me, fondling my breasts.  I put my head back, nuzzled against his and let out a moan.  I was not going to let him win though, so I broke away and got into the bed.  Fully clothed.  He took off his pants and laid next to me.  We started the movie, and his hand quickly found its way back to my breast.  I tried as hard as I could to focus on the movie and I did a pretty good job for about fifteen minutes until he decided to move from my breasts to petting me from the top of my pants.  I suddenly needed to feel him so badly, but my willpower was strong and I ignored him the best I could.  I eventually put my hand down and found that he was hard and hanging out of his boxers.  I started to caress his hard cock and could feel the precum dripping from the tip.  This only proved to make me more excited.  I looked at him and told him that it wasn’t fair I was still wearing pants, so I slid mine off, but left my panties on.  His hand quickly found its way around my panties and he was running his fingers across my slit.  He quickly shoved a finger deep inside of me and I arched my back in great pleasure.  He remarked at how wet I was and I could feel the effect it had on his cock.  He quickly fingered me into a beautiful, intense orgasm using two fingers to fuck my hole, while massaging my clit with his thumb.  He was overcome with how wet I was and his urgency to be inside of my wetness was apparent.  I whispered that I needed him inside of me.  He just pushed my panties to the side and slid his dick in.  It was sexy and every nerve ending on my body was sensitive from my orgasm.  It wasn’t long before he was ready to cum.  He pulled out and shot his load across my stomach, tits, and neck.  That’s one of my favorite things.  I smiled up at him, pulled my shirt back down to cover myself and we went back to watching the movie.

After the movie, we started discussing random things.  There were a couple of things to note from out conversation.  He was picking on me for something and I told him I really didn’t care, I’m not easily offended.  He told me that he knew.  He thought I was really tough and that could sometimes be good and bad.  I asked him why he thought it was a bad thing.  He told me it also meant that you are emotionally disconnected.  That made me wonder if I came off as unavailable to him, even though I was suddenly starting to feel emotional towards him.

Next, was the nerdy talk.  We went through a talk that was a combination of science, religion, and philosophy.  You see, the last few times I’ve seen him, I’ve felt empty afterwords.  I felt like whatever we had going on was losing momentum and would come to its inevitable end sooner rather than later.  This talk, coupled with the amazing sex we’d just had made me want him.  It made me want to be a part of his life outside of my bedroom. He’s so smart and sees the world in such a similar way to myself.  We had this serious, albeit nerdy, talk for a while.  It ended in a moment.  You know when you lock eyes with someone and you feel like you can see a glimpse into their soul?  That was the kind of moment I felt like we’d had.  He then leaned over and kissed me.  I fell. I fell so hard.

That led to more sex, which was really good again.  After he came, he laid beside me and started to fall asleep while holding onto me. I reached over to turn out the lamp and fell asleep next to him.



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