The men I’ve slept with

  1. Ron-we were married for two years and had dated for a few years before that.  He committed suicide in May of 2015
  2. Van-A professor I slept with on a few occasions.
  3. Mikey– My first love.  The one that got away.
  4. Luke– The first man I slept with after splitting with Ron
  5. Sam-an OKC friends with benefits who moved out of state.
  6. Ben- a guy I met on Reddit and hooked up with on a couple of occasions.  This stopped when we realized his daughter would be attending the school I taught at.
  7. Tennis Star- a two night stand.
  8. Chance-bad sex
  9. Jake-a friend introduced us.  He had a nice cock, but didn’t believe in kissing during hookups.
  10. Bryan-aka the panty sniffer
  11. Steve- overly-attached dude.  Very short lived
  12. Pierced Donger-the worst sex ever
  13. Aiden-We met on Reddit.  The sex was amazing, the conversation even better. I got too attached for my own good.
  14. Bill-my first tinder hookup.  He was sweet, but it was only for one night.
  15. D– that was a hot mess.  I got attached for no good reason.
  16. The Politician-we met on OKC. This was pretty short lived.  He was my first uncut cock
  17. The Beast– one of my favorite men to have sex with.  Adventurous. Sweet.
  18. The Shrink-he fell short of my expectations relationship-wise when he just kind of disappeared
  19. Unicorn-I fell and fell hard for this one
  20. Bad Daddy– a random Fetlife hookup.
  21. Gigs-I dated him exclusively for almost six months.
  22. Red-I gave him unforgettable blow jobs
  23. Leonard-He was in a Poly relationship.  The sex was really good
  24. Sheldon-Short and intense
  25. Zebra-Tinder hookup that included some numbing lubricant condoms which led to a bad time
  26. Zeus-picked me up in my favorite bar
  27. The Fish-a hookup regular that I fell in love with and continue to pine over
  28. Champ-really bad sex after a really bad day

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